Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dan Cormier Workshop

We are attempting a revival of this workshop! The date may change, so hang on, I'll post updates as they get worked out.

Sorry, this claass has been cancelled due to lack of time to organise and conflicting dates.

Relief Beyound Belief

Dates available for Dan to come up from Mexico (where he's now living!) are as follows:
Sept 25-26, Oct 2-3 and Oct 9-10.

Please vote as to which dates you would prefer so we can book him.

Thanks, Janice


Jacey said...

The last date optional for the Cormier class - October 9 and 10 - is Thanksgiving weekend - not a good weekend for me and I suspect a lot of other members.Do we have any idea of cost yet?

Janice said...

We are working on bring the cost down to $300 or less, stay tuned.