Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guild Meeting July 25

This Sunday's meeting will be a Bottle of Hope Day. We'll be making Bottles to be donated to the local hospital cancer wards.

I'll be demoing these types of Bottles of Hope for those that are interested. They're like an hour glass and you can turn them upside down and watch the inside "grains" move to and fro. They're fairly easy and provide some meditative peace to those that receive them. They're inspired by Ponsawan who won an award for her work.

They're a good use for clay that you don't know what to do with.

Materials list:

Canes, textures, stamps, pearlex, whatever you think you'd like to cover the outside with.

Clay colours that you want to work with - if you're thinking in terms of packages, less than one package of each colour will do.

If you have circle kemper cutters, that would be the best. I use a 5/8 inch for mine.

Assorted beads, flakes, and whatever little things will fit in the bottle opening. They're for the "grains of sand" in the middle. Glitter, those little hole-less beads that we all pick up from time to time, you can even make your own clay bits for inside if you want.

Beading needle if you have one (for making small holes in the clay)

Bev's BOH stamps if you have those.

Your regular pasta kit (machine, tile, blades, etc)

Of course, there's no obligation to follow what I'm doing so bring whatever you'd like to play with.

I will bring bottles, extra fillings, and my collection of Bev's word stamps.



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Anonymous said...

these are kinda like little scopes!!

how very clever.

perhaps i can join you again soon.