Thursday, March 19, 2015

Next meeting in May

An exciting announcement! Rita has graciously offered to assume the role of president for our guild. She is very passionate about the guild continuing. Rita will be great in helping to keep us organized and working with all of us to build our membership base. Thank you Rita!!!!!

We've have had quite a time securing a meeting room.  Places seem to be one of - not available, too expensive, need insurance, not a central location, etc. But we have a neat idea to try, and if it works, then we can decide if we continue with this. Judith Ann lives in a very central location just south of Yorkdale and has been able to line up the party room in her condo building. The rent is more then we usually spend but I will propose that we make it a full day meeting and have a couple of people teach. This is something we had already spoken about. Would 10am to 4pm work with everyone?

Do we have people interested in teaching on May 31st? I hope Kathy is available as she had been changing plans to be able to teach in March and now our next meeting won't happen until May. 

Location Details:

650 Lawrence Avenue West, Party Room, 1st floor
There is visitor parking in the garage.   Go to the console in front of the building and enter 7777.  Judith Ann will buzz you in and the garage door will open.  Drive in, turn left and park in a spot with the letter V in front of it.