Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November meeting

Please note that our November meeting is on the 22nd, NOT the last Sunday of the month.
10:30am-4pm   Bring lunch
The location is Judith Ann's condo building.

Location Details:
650 Lawrence Avenue West, just east of the Allen Expressway
There is visitor parking in the garage.   Go to the console in front of the building and enter 7777.  Judith Ann will buzz you in and the garage door will open.    Drive in, turn left and park in a spot with the letter V in front of it.
We are in the Party Room on the Ground Floor.  Press G in the elevator.

Ink Painted Triangle Books

In Sunday's workshop we'll be making ink painted clay triangle folding books that can tell a visual story or simply be an interesting coloured design piece. People love to play with these as they try to make the pyramids. They could make a good Christmas stocking stuffer. 

You'll need to bring your basic clay kit along with the following: 

Index card or heavy paper to make a template
2 or more packages of white clay 
Cornstarch for a release 
PiƱata or Adirondack inks
Rubbing alcohol 70% or higher
Spray bottle for alcohol 
Small narrow paint brush 
Paint tray  - plastic egg cartons are great
Container for cleaning brush
Medium or course regular sandpaper for texture
Texture sheets
Kemper and other assorted cutters
Tools to make designs in clay
Needle tool
Make up sponge
Liquid clay
Drywall sandpaper
Thin waxed cord
Small drills
Index cards and small tiles for baking
Preserve Your Memories spray - optional 

Gold marker - optional