Sunday, May 20, 2012

Program for May - Faux Denim and Leather

Faux denim and leather picture frame


This is a techniques class, not a project class.  You can make anything you want from the faux denim and leather - jewellery, bottles of hope, covered object, etc.

Supplies for faux denim:

a piece of denim, preferably one that will go through the pasta machine.  It should not be too worn - you want the imprint of the weave to show.  I have some you can borrow if you don't have anything you want to cut up.  You can also just roll the clay on the cloth without putting it through the machine.

Blue clay - it can be Premo Denim straight out of the pack or a darker shade made by mixing.  I prefer a darker shade to start.

Faux denim post earrings
I've found various recipes for denim
Premo: Ultramarine with a small amount of black
Premo: 1 part Cobalt Blue and 1 part Ecru
Kato: 4 parts Ultra Blue, 1 Violet, 1 Black, 6 Pearl
Kato: 16 Ultra Blue, 1 Black

White or cream paint.  Genesis Heat Set white is great, but an acrylic paint works also.
White or cream-colored acrylic paint for the "stitches"


Faux leather with faux studs
Supplies for faux leather:

a piece of leather, real or faux, preferably one that will go through the pasta machine.  Or you can just roll the clay on the leather with a roller.  You want a definite pattern to show.

Clay in a "leather" color:  black, brown, reddish, whatever you want

Acrylic paint in a color you want for the "stitches"


Altoid tin covered in faux leather and embossed
For both:
a tiny screwdriver or something that makes a very short, straight indentation.  I will have some to borrow.

a tiny paint brush for getting paint into the stitches

paper towels or a make-up sponge to wipe off excess paint
a tiny bit of water

Your regular clay kit and whatever you need for the object you want to make.