Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Meeting - paper clip bracelets

February's Meeting is how to make paper clip bracelets. This is considered an easy class and everyone should be able to walk away with a finished project. If you'd like, you can make earrings instead.

You'll need:
  • Circle Kemper Cutters (or equivalent), size 7/16” and 5/8”
  • Spiral paper clips (8-12, depending on your wrist size and whether you want earrings), I bought mine at Staples, an office supply store in Canada, they come 50 to a pack for about $7
  • Jump rings, 2 mm inner diameter minimum, 8-12, these can vary in size
  • A decorative sheet of clay, medium thickness (4 on my Amaco 7 setting pasta machine with 7 as the thickest setting), 2 inches by 2 inches, or big enough to cut 10-12 of the smaller circles. You can be creative here and use veneers, canes, mokume gane, whatever. Mica shift, however, won’t work.
  • A complementary colour sheet of clay that will form the underneath, same pasta thickness setting, large enough to cut an equivalent number of circles. This can also be decorative but it's not critical.
  • Pearlex and Future floor polish might also be helpful, but not required.
For the decorated side of the paper clip bring clay colours that you like. If you've got mistakes that are in the right colours for you but not big enough to do anything special with, this might be the use for the clay.

We'll also be doing a raffle and brainstorming for future class ideas. Bring books, ideas, and suggestions.