Sunday, October 26, 2008

October Results!

Barb B did a wonderful job at teaching a Donna Kato bead today (and the shortbread cookies were much appreciated). The above photo is a sample of our results before we started trying to add the thin layer of translucent clay to them. I think all of us were impressed with the beads (and if not our own, of others for sure).

The inking and stamping were fun, but the class got quite a bit quieter as we all wrestled with the translucent layer. For those that need additional help, please bake your beads for 30 minutes or more. Sand with 400 and 600 grit sandpaper and bring to the Christmas Party. Janice will be bringing her buffer and allowing us to finish our beads then.

Other items of note:
- next month's meeting is the Christmas Party, if you'd like to participate in the gift swap please either bring something hand made or of less than $10 value.
- membership fees are due - you save $10 if you pay before Jan 1
- we had two new members join us and they've already paid for next year. Welcome!
- Cathy will be teaching versions of the brain cane for January's class and Janice has agreed to teach and demo the myriad of mokume gane techniques. We have a request for a class mosaics so any volunteers would be great for that.

So thanks Barb, for a beautiful class. I'll speak for everyone by saying you did a great job and we were glad to have been a part of it.


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