Monday, October 20, 2008

Materials list for Oct 28 Meeting

As a reminder, the October 26 meeting will be a demo from Donna Kato's Simple Inked Beads. If you have Donna's second book (blue cover) Creative Surface Effects, it's shown on page 122.

Janice posted my first effort (which you can see here) in the blog after she sanded and polished it for me - thank you!

For supplies you will need
- your basic clay stuff (pasta machine, tile, blades, etc)
- a bit of scrap clay (for the bead base)
- white clay, translucent clay,
- liquid claychalk inks, I have some and Sharon and Sandy have offered to bring theirs along
- stamps - something for a design around the bead (lettering or a floral spray),
- small stamps (a swirl or small designs to dab here and there)
- a permanant ink
- gold leaf
- bamboo skewer
- sand paper for finishing

Janice will be bringing her buffer with her and if there's time we will be able to bake and buff some beads.

Barb B.

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