Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May meeting details

We will have two teachers for our May meeting on the 31st from 10-4.  Bring lunch.

Rita will show us how to make some lovely flowers which can be used to make a brooch.  You need to bring basic clay kit,  20 gauge wire, wire cutter and white clay, green clay for the leaves , brooch clip and mica powders.

Kathy will show us how to make faux soutache: 
-Basic kit
-2 or 3 colours of clay plus black
-Glass or stone cabuchon
-Small seed beads or crystals for embellishment
-Thin wire that'll go through the beads
-Texture sheet
-Bail or jump ring

I have extra cabs, seed beads & wire for anyone who needs themas well as an extra extruder to lend

Location Details:
650 Lawrence Avenue West, Party Room, Main floor (just east of the Allen Expressway)
There is visitor parking in the garage.   Go to the console in front of the building and enter 7777.  Judith Ann will buzz you in and the garage door will open.  Push elevator button G to get to Main Floor.  Drive in, turn left and park in a spot with the letter V in front of it.

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