Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Meeting - Brainless Cane

I will be teaching the "Brainless Cane" which is being generously shared by Julie Eakes who taught it at Clay Carnival in Las Vegas.  It is an easy and fun technique and makes a surprisingly complex looking cane.

Julie taught us using Delft colors, shown in the following example, but you can use any colors you want.

You need a dark version of a color and a medium version plus white.

For the Delft colors using Kato clay:
Medium Blue - 1/2 package blue, 1/4 package white, 1/4 inch ball of orange
Dark Blue - 1/2 package blue, 1/8 package black, 1/4 inch ball of orange

Those using the same colors and the same brand of clay can exchange cane pieces.

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Gail Pencoff said...

Cool looking cane. Sure wish I was still able to attend the meetings. I do miss all my SOPCG friends and the opportunity to learn new things. Have a great day. Gail