Monday, November 12, 2012

Oct notes

From: Je V <>
Subject: [sopcg] Oct notes
Date: October 30, 2012 7:48:20 PM EDT


Here are the instructions for BB's workshop - I had drawn sketchs too but I can't add them here, sorry.

Choose 2 colours. Condition and roll out first to #3 (#1 being thickest).
Cut 5 circles decending in size, the largest the size you want your pendant.
Use the kemper cutters to cut out centre holes from the circles again decending in size (start with 2nd largest kemper)
Put your smallest "donut" on wax paper
Stack the remaining getting larger but leave the largest off.
Flip over and press down to get all sticking together - try to make a nice slope with the clay - but don't over-press and squish.

Top piece. You may use the one you cut and decorate it by cutting and adding spokes, or use colour 2 and cut out as you did the top piece.
Flip stack over and place your top on top smoothing down the edges. Flip and ease down edges. Flip back onto a tile.
Cover with Saran wrap and re-cut with large circle cutter to make nice edge.

Remember as you are stacking to keep the centre circles consistant - here's where a pic would help - It will look like steps going down a hole in the center.

Bake for 10-15 mins and then sand the back on dry wall mesh to make it nice and flat.

Cover back with TLS (less is more!) and place on a piece of colour 2 clay rolled out to #2.

Using a chopping motion, go around the piece cutting straight down going around and around until it is same size as top (we call this the "Dan" cut). If you angle the blade in slightly all around you can pick up the piece and using your finger gently smear the 2 clay edges together for a nice finished look (think pie in pie pan).

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