Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our new name tags perhaps?

If you attended our January meeting you know that  Janice spent some time organizing some sign up sheets to help us determine what workshops we will have  this year,  She has collected photos of techniques that look interesting,  If you think that you might want to tackle the technique you can volunteer to teach it.  Then we get to vote on what techniques we want to learn, (that's how I ended up doing the Bird/nest hollow lentil bead this Sunday)
At our next meeting we will still be voting since many of our members missed the Jan. meeting.
Here's where the above picture comes in...... we had a discussion at the meeting (again) about it being necessary for our guild to come up with name tags!! (my memory is horrible when it comes to names)
Soooooo, while cleaning out my father's computer desk i came across a whole pile of old floppy disks and being the creative person that i am i just couldn't throw them away before i salvaged the shiny ,metals parts. ( i bet you can relate huh???)
I thought that we could somehow attach the 2 parts.  Maybe the circle could hold the SOPCG logo and the larger piece could have our name and some other interesting bits.  (textures maybe?)
Anyway, I'm throwing it out there as something else to vote on.  Of course someone will need to volunteer to teach the workshop as well.  Is anyone up for the challenge??


Louise said...

I so want to know what you intend to do with those. I have a stack also and just thinking on what to do with them . Won't throw them away..for sure.

Wendy (Weaver) Orlowski said...

Hello Louise. It seems that you and I aren't the only ones that have a collection of these that we just can't throw out! What is it about shiny metal bits anyway that we find so attractive? We were all busy with my bird/nest workshop so no one came up with any ideas at the meeting. We'll let you know if someone comes up with an idea.
Take care,