Sunday, February 15, 2009

Materials list for February Meeting

Hi Everyone,

We'll be learning how to cover dollar store tins with scrap clay and Pearlex powders at the February tutorial. To do this you'll need:

- A tin - I'll be using the Dollarama McKeever and Danlee Mixed Fruit Drops candy tin found in the candy section of the store, but any tin will do
- Scrap clay - a goodly amount, enough to cover a tin
- A small bit (a ball the size of a quarter) of clay that you might like as a background
- Texture sheets, I will have some and Wendy will be bringing in some from Bev's collection
- Pearlex or Perfect Pearls powders (use a 40% off coupon for Michaeals found at if you don't already have some)
- A makeup brush or sponge (also a dollar store item)
- Any other embellishments you may want
- Circle or other shape cutters if you want to get creative
general clay kit (pasta machine, tile, blade, etc)
- If you'd like to bring old canes I'll show how to do those as well, but the focus will be on scrap clay.

See everyone on Sunday,


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