Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year Resolution - A Bottle of Hope a Day

At our end-of-the-year pot luck meeting, Guild members challenged themselves to produce a Bottle of Hope each day of the year. By the end of 2009, the Guild plans to collectively produce at least 365 Bottles of Hope for distribution to cancer patients in Toronto. We hope to post photos as we go.

The bottles are a great way to use small pieces of canes or scrap clay or to try a new technique. In the bottles below, Sandy added glitter to the surface of the raw clay. During baking, some of the glitter expanded giving the bottle a unique "prickly" texture.

Janice V loves to experiment with new techniques. Guild members can usually identify an item made by Janice V due to the craftsmanship or her use of pastel pinks and blues. The bottles below are "typical" of Janice V's work.

At the February 2009 meeting Janice will demonstrate a technique called mokume gane. This easy technique produces a unique sheet of clay which can be used to cover beads, tins, books - even bottles of hope! The two green bottles below are covered with the the same piece of Janice's mokume gane. Why do they look so different? You'll find out at the February meeting.

Remember, our January meeting is coming up on the 26th. Cathy M will be teaching us variations of the brain cane and we'll generate more bottles then.

New members always welcome.

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