Saturday, September 27, 2008

Donna Kato Classses

These rings show the techniques learned.
Pods, zippers, canes.

BIG Beads and fine rings.

Samples of finished products by the students.

Like Wendy has stated, the bracelets are wonderful but not something that can be accomplished without alot of practice.. unless, of course, your name is Janice.

Another great tip from Donna was how she stores her canes. In Ammo boxes (for bullet storage)! I have sourced out a Canadian supplier. Check them out.

Cabela's shotgun cases

I called the gun store (Giovanni's) that I know, here in Toronto (on Wilson Av) and they said they do have some ammo boxes (but I didn't clarify if they were the ones shown above). Cheryl and I were going to check them out the other day but the store was closed when we arrived. Must go back.

All in all, a great weekend class. Gail

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Gail said...

Just for the record, posting here is complicated.. and frustrating. Sorry about the layout but you get the picture. Also, while I took quite a few pictures during the weekend, using my new camera the combination of new camera and low battery produced too many blurry pictures. Gail